Sunday, October 31, 2010

Snakes and Snails......Sugar and Spice

 Our Little Man hadn't stayed with us for soooooo long and was feeling it keenly.  So Amy dropped him off after school on Monday and let him spend the night.  He spent the entire evening outdoors, "hunting" with his bow, shooting his BB gun,riding his jeep, and busy being a boy.  I had to make him  come in at dark to eat supper.

The next morning, I "sleeked" Little Buddy up.  Parted, combed, and sprayed his hair in what I called his "Little Preacher Boy" hair style. "Man!" he said, "I hope I don't hit the top of the van with my head and mess up my hair."  His teacher thought it was pretty sharp, too!

Jon Abram's family came in Friday evening. It had been three weeks since I'd seen them. Erica spent the night here as well with her cousins.

Sugar and Spice.....  little girls and their toe socks(Melinda and Erica). I love it!

Yummmmmm.  Hot Chocolate on a cold morning.!

The girls just couldn't wait for the 37 degree morning to warm up before they raked leaves. So they improvised their warm garments.  Nanny's Little Scarecrows!  Hummmm... I think there is actually three critters in the picture above this one...Do you see a pink shoe?  Ahh.  She arises... of God's greatest blessing!!!!!