Monday, May 25, 2015

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Family Events

Erica went with me to the dentist!! She is now a senior!!! Can't believe it!!

Erica's piano

Cam graduated from 8th grade last night. I so wish I could attend these evening events.
JB's little Easter chick has grown.

Amy came and made strawberry preserves. It was so good.

Our Lyndy Lou before a ten hour flight!

Pam's little grandson graduates.

Memorial Day Weekend

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day 2015

Me and my Girl...

My little neighborhood friend...goes to SS with me.

Nanny and her Critters......
Made a day trip to Virginia and visited Mom and Dad's graves with my Sis.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

All That Ever Mattered........

It was a beautiful morning... this day... the week of Mother's Day..
After Cameron's last mow, I instructed him not to mow along the garage anymore. I knew it was time.

So on this gloriously beautiful morning, I took my walker and trowel. I sat along the side of the garage on my walker and began my search. Leaning over, I began to pull up the ugly weeds...being ever so careful.

Soon, I found the treasure I was looking for... Mama's beloved 4 O'clocks!! Painstakingly, I worked...tenderly clearing around each small plant...about one to two inches high. After about 30 minutes, I was hot and tired, but was quite satisfied.

I sat and stared at the little plants that had lain dormant all winter. Hidden away in the cold earth and then covered by springtime weeds... I had never doubted that I'd find them. There planted between them were the two small tomato plants that Cam had planted last evening. His project is to raise Nanny some luscious homegrown tomatoes for the summer.

I thought of the passing of time. Mama, now living only in my heart. and in His Presence...until that day......when we will meet again...just as assuredly as her flowers returned....

I miss Mama...but Mama left me with all that will ever matter. Never having much of material wealth, Mama planted in my heart all that is eternal...that will never die!

Three generations later, Cam now planting a new plant with new hope of new fruit.... watering, weeding, caring...

Looking back this morning, living in the present, and anticipating tomorrow!! Knowing...........simply heart is full!!

(Cam's tomato plant in the square, Mama's 4 O'clocks in the circles)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Erica's 16th Mystery Birthday Party

 Amy spent 7 hours making Erica this three layer(chocolate, white, strawberry) cake with strawberry glaze between layers. It was awesome.

 Her first selfie with her new IPhone that her Dad and Chris got her.
 I drew the silhouettes...
It was a beautiful party, but we felt so bad we were only able to stay long enough to see her open her gifts, not to eat or to see her cut her cake.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Catch Up

 These are Erica's Junior/Senior Banquet pictures. It's hard to believe.

 Last Saturday morning, my Brother totally surprised us by stopping in!!
 Avon and her dear boy
 Then Saturday afternoon, for no known reason, Susie went into terrible seizures. Thankfully Amy and Erica were here. So for now she is on two meds for it.
 Amy's family, Easter Sunday
 Jessica grown up!
 As of now, Lyndy Lou is the tallest of the girls.
 Cam has had a serious growth spurt this year!!

Always There

My kids call me the helicopter Mama........hovering over them. You've heard how with my App and the little pink dot(Jon Abram's Iphone) I can watch their journeys via satellite. Last winter when Jon Abram had to make the dangerous winter crossing at  night through the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington, I was there with him. I kept my eye on the mountain pass cameras and was able to tell him how the winter weather was affecting the road before even he got there. We were able to talk and help to keep him awake and alert until he reached Margaret at the Seattle airport. Once there(and I knew just when they were together, by the dots on both of their Iphones) I could rest and sleep.

Amy and Erica have been at Bob Jones University for the last three days. The helicopter Nanny went to Youtube and found "A Documentary of Campus Life" at the college. I loved it, I toured the entire campus, the cafeteria, auditorium, the dorms, the classrooms, etc. I was able to actually see just where they were and what it looked like. I felt as though I was right there with them.

After three long days and an evening assembly, Amy and Erica were ready to make the long three hour drive home last night. Although Amy doesn't have an Iphone with the "helicopter" feature, I knew we would keep in touch through texting(Erica, while Amy drove). I wanted to know if Amy was fighting sleep, driving through rain, what mile marker she was at, etc. I knew I wouldn't fall asleep until the final text, "I'm home, Mama" came through.

My Ipad was propped up on the open drawer at eye level beside my bed. I was waiting. At 9:03 the text popped up, "Headed to the car." Okay, prayers begin. And internet WENT DOWN!!!  No, no!!!! And stayed off until THIS MORNING!

I felt totally cut off.... I didn't want to call...Jon was asleep. I kept wondering what she was thinking when Mama didn't respond to her text.... I seemed to have disappeared.

But the wonderful thing was that my heavenly Internet had not/and never would "go down!" My "horizonal" communications were limited, but my "vertical" one was running on "full reception!" So I lay and prayed during the long three hour trip. God KNEW where they were...   He knew about the pouring rain... He knew about my sleepy daughter... I KNEW I could trust them to His care.  I did still long for that "journey over" text.

Finally this morning around bing Ipad started updating the night's postings, texts,etc.  Yes, there were Amy's texts, "raining hard, Mama...."  and then "Home At Last" came through at 12:03 a.m.

I was so reminded as I looked at those delayed texts of how many times I've stressed/worried over things........that God had under control all along.  I've prayed and prayed and seen no answers.............. Knowing full well that God answers EVERY prayer I pray......... Some of those answers were immediately obvious, some came slowly, and some of those answers will only be revealed in eternity....

Some of my friends and loved ones are "driving through hard rain," some are growing tired, and some are "FINALLY HOME!"

So,until I get that "FINALLY HOME" text from them, I'll continue to do my best to pray faithfully and know that God is ever working.........ever seeing, ever knowing....ever answering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One Year Ago Today

One Year Ago Today                                                   1 28 15

Jon had surgery for his spinal ependymoma.
We looked death in the face... and God was there.
We faced uncertain days ahead and God was there.
We were afraid and God was there.

One year later...
Our life is different. How could it not be? How can we ever be the same?

One year later..
We are resting in His proven all sufficient love and grace. He continues to be enough, yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Jon and I love life and treasure every day as never before. Today, we celebrate....this wonderful milestone! Knowing as never before.. "We can dare to trust Jesus!"

Jon will continue to have an MRI every year, as ependymomas can reoccur...but our future is not uncertain..

God has told us that He has written our names on the palm of His hand! That we are sheltered under His wings. That He is our Rock, our High Tower, our Strong City, our Shield, our Protector...

That He is...OUR FATHER!!!

Come rejoice with us today!!!!