Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

My "Selfie" Camera

A lot is being said these days about "self infatuation," the constant photographing and posting pictures of oneself. It is often referred to as Narcissism....totally focusing within.

My Ipad, like most "Smart phones," has two cameras.  I can use it as a camera and take pictures of the things I view, or I can tap a little icon and the camera reverses, focusing on ME.  Oh, help, not a pretty sight at all.

I've been thinking and praying a lot lately about too much self absorption.  Too much fear of tomorrow, too many worries that drag me down. They often attack my mind like a broken record, round and round and round.  Often they are accusations of the Enemy or attacks of the Enemy's oppression. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that one be the proverbial ostrich and ignore that often these concerns are indeed very REAL and must be addressed.  But so many times these nagging, joy sapping, praise draining thoughts are unknown curves in the road ahead, and perhaps  even ones that we may never face. 

This morning as I was using my camera, the Truth really struck me.  I've got to stop using the "selfie" camera, turned on me.  Boy, that can be pretty depressing. I've got to hit the swivel button and turn the camera and focus around and focus it on God. much to see there, so much beauty, so much promise, such a bright future beckoning me on!!

I've really been trying the last few months to consciously focus my mind on God.  When I realize that I'm getting dragged down into the Enemy's quagmire, I turn to His Word, or I turn on Godly music, I listen and I look to Him!!  It's an amazing remedy.  

He reminds me of His promises and I claim them all over again. His grace IS sufficient!  He will supply ALL my needs!!  He KNOWS my frame, that I am dust!!  He FEELS my pain!  He KNOWS my disappointments!!  He has ALWAYS BEEN and ALWAYS BE enough!! He has NEVER failed!

There is NO way that I can look to Christ, focus on Him and NOT be encouraged!!  So, yes, God is reteaching me, ever so patiently, lessons that I thought I had learned. But with life, as it evolves always seem to take on a new and different face.  Getting old is an uncharted course for me.  But none of that changes His Promises!!  Nothing changes His love for me!  Nothing will ever catch Him by surprise!

So every day, every moment, I'm going to do my best to keep my "camera" turned upon Him!!  And as I behold His face, I'm renewed, refilled, and refocused!!!

Exegetical Thoughts and Biblical Theology: Joy in God: Mental State, Spontaneous Emotion, Bot...

Exegetical Thoughts and Biblical Theology: Joy in God: Mental State, Spontaneous Emotion, Bot...: Experience inclines us to believe that joy is an emotion that is spontaneous in its appearance. Scripture teaches us otherwise. Psa. 90:1...

Grandparents' Day at MCCA

 JB on the far left in the yellow striped shirt.
 Cameron on the front, second from left. Hard to believe he is in Junior High!
 Erica on the second row, middle.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Silly Susie

I was quite amused by Susie's position.  When suddenly I started laughing!!  It dawned on me that I, too, was scooted out on the edge of my seat. I was talking to Jon, about to get up. Susie, obviously, was waiting for "Mama" to make up her mind and was copying my exact position!!!  Susie makes me laughs and brings me a lot of joy and comfort!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Amazing Man

Saturday morning I went to a few yard sales with Avon and Joe. I found this Roland piano. It had been in storage and didn't have a cord. They let me have it for $8.00. I was pretty excited. I knew the piano books and the bench were worth that, and Erica could use them.

It seriously needed cleaning up. Before I knew it, my hubby was sitting on the deck, sweat pouring down his face, working away on my "prize." We brought it in and it took Jon and Buddy about 30 minutes to "rig up" an adapter. Something about reversing the charge..............?

My excitement soon turned to dismay when I discovered that almost half of the keys didn't work. They were stuck tight!  I tried to console myself with the fact that the other stuff was worth what I had paid.

This morning my wonderful amazing Hubby took the keyboard to the kitchen table. For five long hours he totally dismantled my piano. Saucers and bowls held numerous tiny parts. Every key was removed. It appeared to have been stored in extreme heat and parts had melted onto the keys. He patiently cleaned each key. He worked as though he were an artist tenderly creating a beautiful work.

These photos only show it in its early stages. There were lots and lots of more loose parts. Finally, he put it all back together again............ And miracle of miracles!!! I have a beautiful "new" piano. I've had my earphones on playing to my hearts content. After years of no practice....I need the earphones. JON NEEDS MY EARPHONES!  But my heart was blessed as I played "Rock of Ages," and "It is Well With My Soul!!"  Reminded me, that God, too, had to "take me all apart", clean me, and put me back together again!
What an amazing, loving husband!!! Thank you, Sweetheart!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sabbath Dawns!

It is evening on the other side of the world where my missionary friends live. Their Sabbath is done, ours has begun...
As the world turns, God is in His heaven, still running this world, still measuring time, still directing my steps, still caring for my needs, still wrapping His arms around me!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Jessica Mae and Papa's Maple Tree..

They planted it about four years ago. It was very small.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Taking Time......

Wow!  What a gorgeous fall day in beautiful North Carolina!  I sat on my deck reading from my devotional, "Jesus Today," by Sarah Young. She reminded me that I have a restless, scampering about, mind!  Ouch!! Ouch!! He is as close as the mention of His name!!

It was so peaceful on the deck....leaves dancing their way to the ground in a slow waltz sort of way,
birds jostling  at the feeder, Susie chasing off the squirrels and returning with lolling tongue and a cheesy grin on her silly face, Jon "mowing" the leaves into one pile......

"Be still and know that I am God" was the song of the moment. It was so pleasant to "pull away" from so many distractions.  I feel renewed, refilled, and quietly peaceful in His Presence!

Nothing else "thrilled my soul" like Jesus!  Nothing else satisfies. Nothing else fills the deepest recesses of my soul!