Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Today's Cup

Springtime, cup of coffee, my Bible, and gun go hand in hand. Ha...caught you off guard didn't I?  Well, when the squirrels are raiding your bird feeders you have to "watch and pray!"
We've moved our feeders to the flower bed since the birds make such a mess on our deck. A few days ago, Jon put up a new feeder for me since my cardinals are not "clinger feeders" but "perch feeders." Whoohoo....big mistake! The seed poured out so readily that my poor cardinals watched from the trees while the cowbirds and grackles wiped me out of over five pounds of bird seed in less than 24 hours! No way one can afford that!
So I had to take the feeder down. I put up my ceramic sunflower feeder dish. I had missed my songbirds so much. The cardinals love to eat at daybreak and late evenings. So the last two mornings I've slipped out and put only a cup of sunflower seeds into the dish. My beautiful little friends are watching for me...
They manage an "early breakfast" before the other birds show up.
As I sat in thought and prayer this morning enjoying their beauty and song so much, I thought of my needs for this day.
I thought of the words, "Early will I seek Thee!" Today, I won't worry about the crowded fight over this  world's fanfare. I know my God will provide my needed "cup for today." I need to "slip in" with Him and accept what He so perfectly supplies.  Here's my cup, Lord!  Fill it up....for this day, for my needs, for my walk with you, for my opportunities to minister!
Today's demands crowd in.........but I'm well fortified!  I've been at the King's table this morning!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today, We Remembered...

Today we remembered........

Today the weather was gorgeous and I talked my best friend, Hubs, into riding to town together. We shared a cart in Walmart, since we both need to walk, but sometimes just bottom out.
We picked up our few items. I had a buy one get one free coupon for Whoppers and we took our tea along with us.
Jon ordered at the window and parked in a cool spot. The crab apple trees were in such beautiful bloom, he let the car windows down for the gentle breeze. We sat there enjoying the moment together and we remembered:

We remembered the late '60's when Hobe Sound had only one gas station, practically no stores and only one red light.

We remembered that when one of us got the once a month off campus privilege how we usually went to West Palm Beach with our college chums... Never in mixed company.. We remembered how we would always bring the other one a Whopper back, Wow! What a treat that was!!

We remembered the snowy evening at Christmas time, 1970, in Harrisburg, Pa. when we were traveling back from NY to Va. before we were married. We had seen a sign that Burger King had Whoppers for $.39!! We HAD TO STOP. We watched huge snowflakes begin to drift quickly down. It was one of the worst blizzards of the century.... we were stranded along the interstate for a while... I KNOW YOU remember that, Naomi!

So many memories.....43 years of them. As we chatted of these things and thoughtfully finished our Whoppers, we looked deep into each others eyes and smiled! A lifetime of loving Christ and each other warmed our hearts.........Jon backed slowly out and we headed home.