Friday, September 27, 2013

Family Renuion

It had been three years since all five of us siblings had been together. Here are a few shots of this past weeks time.

Stephen stopped in and surprised us. We all had to have a hug!!
 Second cousins. Aschiah and Kiley Mae(Pam's grandchildren),. and Cameron, mine.

These are especially posted for our dear friend, Sis. Dunn!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Whiskers in the Sink

Whiskers in the Sink..

I cleaned my house so perfectly
It looks so nice, I think
Until I saw the awful tale of
Whiskers in the sink!!

Ugh! I groaned, how thoughtless could he be,
To not appreciate..., a little wife like me!
"'I'll tell him so,' I seemed to think."
There's better ways to show your love, than whiskers in the sink!
And THEN I had a solemn thought
How empty life would be
If lived alone, clean house and all
Just things, and time, and me....
So now the dirty dishes,
Or perhaps, socks upon the floor
Help me count my blessings
Jon's coming through the door!
I'm not alone, Companionship
Is a dear and precious link
I thank you, God, for husband dear
(Written for Jon's 50'th birthday, many years ago)
Today, I'm doing loads of laundry from his six day trip. AND I'M LOVING IT!!