Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This Day

Morning comes early for me today.....

The night seemed so long. Thank goodnesses the coffee comes on automatically!

When Hubby comes out and speaks to me, I just wave at him, at least as well as my "locked up" fingers will let me. I finally move to the deck where the dawning beauty flows over me like a gentle, soothing, inspiring.....easing me into His Presence and another day.

Hubs joins me after a bit and we drink deeply together from The Fountain.
He begins our prayer time with, "Father, you've told us to come boldly before you....but I don't feel bold this morning...."

I immediately get a picture image of how I feel in this moment......  I see myself crawling, pulling myself with bloody nails....weakly inching my way closer and closer to the foot of the cross.

Maybe that's too graphic for you, maybe you've never been there...  Totally used up, totally dependent, needy, oh, so needy.

But I feel a gentle hand lift me and pull me to The Throne.  Ahh.... I'm here, Lord, it's me..... He calls me by name!

Only He can say my name with such a passion, such understanding, such endearment.  I feel His strength, His renewal, His Promises encompassing me....

"With confidence I now draw nigh..
 With confidence I now draw nigh..
 And Father, Abba, Father cry!"

Our voices sounded tired this morning.......  but prayers are not measured in decibels.........but in confidence, in faith.... in Him to whom we pray!

Thank, you Father, this morning for being just that, OUR FATHER!  We rest today in all the privileges and blessings that being your child brings to us!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

My dear Mother dearly loved campmeeting. This was taken where we lived at Carolina Christian Camp.
Mama was saved in the 1950's and immediately got her little family into church. Me, far right.

Mama's last time to attend church at her Grandchildren's dedication. What a journey of faith she took her family on!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In My Hand No Price I Bring, Simply to Thy Cross I Cling

In My Hand No Price I Bring, Simply to Thou Cross I Cling           5 01 13

I read the beautiful chapter four of Romans this morning, in which Paul discusses the rite of circumcision as means of righteousness. Here Paul, in the early days of the church is endeavoring to reconcile the Jewish/Gentile conflict.

We of the Holiness persuasion love to talk of the traditions of our Fathers. I, indeed, am thankful for my Godly heritage and treasure this gift. But we all know that The Tradition of Our Fathers, as referred to in The Word must always be Biblically based. Oh, boy, oh, boy...NOW I'VE GOT YOUR ATTENTION, don't I...ha ha

The entire fourth chapter makes the point that Abraham was called and obeyed BEFORE his circumcision  Thus FAITH/OBEDIENCE preceded the ritual of circumcision.

Verse three begins with these words: For what saith the Scripture? That's the # 1 question, isn't it?

Abraham had a heart to follow God as well as a heart to obey Him totally.
So what do I do to follow God totally?  I must search The Scriptures as the Berean church did, as they compared The Scriptures with the teachings of the early church, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have a great deal of respect for ministers and their position. Thank God for them, we need them.  Shepherds are vitally important to The Church. But The Word must always be my "plumb line." Churches change, people change, culture changes.  God never changes.

Yes, I know we must live in the 21st Century. We can't "bury our heads in the sand" and pretend that technology and so forth doesn't exist. We must apply Biblical principles to this age, this time, this era. It amazes me that folks can live totally opposed to The Word and yet profess to know God. I'm not referring to necessarily denominational "'differences" but God's Word.

But remember, that Abraham's faith produced a Godly life style as well as a relationship with God.

Thus the devotionals books that I wrote, my modest dress, my church attendance, etc. cannot produce righteousness.  However, my love for Christ, my desire to gaze upon Him, my love for His Word, my love for people WILL make a difference in how I live and the image that I display to the world.

May Jesus live in me, love through me, flow though all I do and say!

"In my hand no price I bring......simply to Thy cross I cling!"""