Friday, June 7, 2013

The Written Word

The Written Word

Yesterday I was in Barnes and Noble with my granddaughter. It was a refreshing experience. Yes, there were electronic "books" everywhere.........getting with the times.
But there were thousands of the "old fashion" paper edition of books. In the coffee shop there were young and old on their ipads and laptops. But there were many as well sitting on the comfortable sofas...just lost in the world of the book they held in their hands.
This morning I picked up my precious, worn, well marked Bible. I enjoy the "electronic age" as well as any "grandma" can, I suppose. I love having the many translations at my fingertips in stead of having to dig through countless books.
Just the other morning I was sitting on my deck reading when I wished I could read a certain passage in a few other translations. However, I didn't want to interpret my devotions to come inside and look it up on my laptop. Suddenly I remembered that I had my beloved Bible Gateway program on my phone. I slipped it from my pocket and there it all was.
But this morning, as I read, prayed, and sung my way through several of the Psalms......I was keenly aware of how very precious this old book is to me. Notations of days gone by marked as though a journal, reminded of and reinforced the power, comfort, and endurance of His Word.
Oh, I know there is actually no sacredness in these paper pages. But to me, when I picked up this book, it become hallowed in my hands.
Although down through the countless ages, many have tried to stamp it out, burn it up, defame it, deny it, scorn has stood the test of time.
Today, my internet service or phone service may suddenly fail me. But today, I hold this sacred book in my hands!
Thank God for His Precious Word!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cutting Back....

Cutting Back.......

I sat in my walker by my beautiful flower pots.  I drank in the beauty and reflected.  My pansies, planted last summer had taken on a burst of new life......brilliantly coloring my front yard.
But since this was their second summer they had grown tall and spindly. Yes, the blooms were still as magnificent...but I knew they were struggling.
I knew what I needed to do,but it seemed almost painful to me. No, no......I just can't sacrifice these present blooms.
But knowing that new freshness of growth would create healthier blooms that would endure a new summer's heat.......I determined to do what was necessary.
So gently I broke a few of them off their tall unsightly stems........waiting for another day to do a few more.
For now the brave little flowers grace my table. For now I'll watch and wait for the fruit of such pruning
As I had studied the situation, I was reminded how my kind Gardener, in His infinite wisdom and love knows that I, too, often need such "cutting back." Sometimes it's , oh, so unpleasant, yes....even painful.
But looking back, I  know it was indeed profitable and fitting.
Today, Lord, I yield to your embrace or purging.......... Thou, Oh, Lord, knowest me!!