Monday, September 24, 2012

"It was the BEST of times..."

My best friend and I are enjoying the beautiful cool fall days.  We consider every day a gift and still find each other's company a treasure.
  Jon and I attended a beautiful wedding a few months ago.  During the event, Jon leaned over to me and whispered into my ear,  "Old love is the best love..."
A couple of weeks ago I saw a picture of a "coffee nook."  I have very little counter space and liked the idea. I showed it to Jon and asked him if he thought he could make me a "combo microwave coffee nook" cart.  He still had a little wood left from the grandsons discarded beds.  He set right to work, designing and critiquing.  We discussed it back and forth and I made many trips to the work shop, watching my coffee nook take shape.
We had so much fun shopping for little things together.  It is now almost 100 % done and I am so very pleased with it.  Today Jon put in a slide out shelf so I could easily pull it out and fill the coffee pot.  After looking at some "vintage kitchens"we decided on adding a coffee decor curtain instead of doors for the bottom half. It reminds me of the old ceramic kitchen sink with the gathered muslin skirt around it from my childhood days.

The microwave shelf was a little too high for my shoulders to manage, so Jon lowered it just right for me.  This is a little more narrow than the previous micro wave cart, so it takes up even less room.  And I'm totally thrilled with my freed up counter top space!!

I don't think I need say that my dear Hubby is so very good to me!  How I do love him!  And above all....God is so good to both of us!  HOW WE LOVE HIM!

These are good days, these are "the best of days."

PS: If you click on each picture twice, you can see it much better.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jon

The children all came in today and surprised Jon for his birthday.  He was so pleased, he lit up like Christmas.
 It was such a beautiful breezy day on the deck.
 His favorite!!  Carmel apple.....
Melody and Amy put together a beautiful lunch.

Margaret sharing her quilting project.
 Jon Abram and Little Buddy working on his jeep.
 Corn hole is always in order.
the girls spent hours on preliminary planning for the traditional fall festival they always put on in our back yard each fall.
A beautiful day.  Thanks to all........