Happy New Years to All My Dear Friends!!

Did yall have your black-eyed peas and hog jowl?  Hey, not me!!!  Not really my cup of tea, and I had to be real original

I had a sweet visit from my brother yesterday.  Then I decided to redo my "play pen(computer site, recliner, etc.)" Trying to get things within reach so I don't have to bend or twist to get to them all.
Whew!  That turned out to be a job. By then, it was very late afternoon and we hadn't had a hot meal all day.  I told Jon I sure wish we could order Chinese delivered(which I"ve NEVER done). It's totally off my diet and that of course, makes it TOTALLY GOOD.  ha ha.  Of well, that was also TOTALLY outside our budget.

So being the "adventurous" soul that I am(hope by now, you're getting the irony in this), I decided to look up a recipe for sweet and sour chicken. I finally found AN EASY ONE!!!  Hello? Anyone out there that knows me? Easy doesn't exist in my vocabulary.... hee hee.

Wonder of all wonders, I had every ingredient in this EASY RECIPE!! Red wine vinegar(hey! It's NEW YEAR'S Eve, remember?), lemon juice, pineapple juice, etc. etc. right down to the 4 drops or red food coloring. Boy, oh, boy... This is gonna be GOOD!! 

I thawed out two boneless skinless chicken breasts , sliced them into bite sizes, battered and put them into a little olive oil to brown.  I measured, got that, measured every ingredient exactly, this was gonna be a fore sure New Year's Eve to remember, you betcha.....

Ahh...the sauce is topping off to perfection!  Chicken's done, waters boiling for the rice to be added.  Jon's got his Mom on speaker phone and I'm tuned in.........BIG MISTAKE!  In a split second...all is lost!! Help, I dumped the rice into the sauce.  I let out a loud shriek!!  Jon recognizes that very familiar sound...  "Ahhhhhh...Mom, I gotta go now," he tactfully hangs up on his Mom and heads to the kitchen.  FEMA, where are you?

By now I'm hanging on by a tread, a very thin tread. I want to do a two year old melt down, but too bad, I'm almost 63.  Deep breath.... breathe, breathe.  We stare at the muck.  We add a little water to absorb the swelling rice, pink rice by now...  After a few minutes, we pour it into the skillet with the chicken.

As I served it up, and sat down at the table. I had to remind myself that happiness comes not from what we don't have, buy what we DO HAVE.  I'm so happy on this New Year's Eve to be sitting here in a warm home with my dear Hubby.  So many many blessings.

Final note:  It was ACTUALLY quite delicious, that is if you ate it with your eyes closed.  But hey, it might not be "Green Eggs and Ham," but pink rice and chicken "aint half bad."

Happy New Years, Linda and Jon