Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Production Complete!!

Production Complete!!!
Thanking God this morning for my awesome tech guy, Little Buddy. I gathered pictures for weeks and spent two days creating an album to make a movie on my wonderful Jon. I so wanted it for the family for Christmas.
But between being sick most of that week, not having the right discs, and etc. ...it just didn't happen. Jon Abram's family was able to see it on YouTube, but I especially put it together for Mom D. It's been almost three years since she has seen Jon...
I just couldn't get it formatted right from my movie maker to burn to DVD, really stressed me because I had done it before when I made a movie of Mom and Dad.
Last night, Little Buddy was here, and with his 'I won't give up" attitude, his sharp mine, and a couple of hours..... he walked into my bedroom grinning from ear to ear!!! HE DID IT!!!!
This morning we worked together on a label maker program and finalized it!!!
Mom D.'s is IN THE MAIL!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas 2014

Concert night...

 Our handsome son....
And daughter.... ha ha ha....she was texting her Brother here...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Since Jesus Passed By

Good Morning, Friends and Family,

A beautiful sunny day here in NC.  I have been quietly puttering around in our kitchen as Jon played our audio Bible. I hope that doesn't sound irreverent, but sometimes sitting too long isn't so good. lol

John 3:16.... probably the most quoted verse in the Bible, breathed fresh joy into my heart.... God LOVED, God GAVE, Christ CAME!!!!!!

And then.....the story of the Samaritan woman began to unfold....

4 And he must needs go through Samaria.  (KJV)

4 It was necessary.... to go through Samaria...(Amplified)

Christ needed? It was necessary?  In actuality, it was the Samaritan woman who NEEDED...

 In reality, it was ME who was/ is so needy!!! And as I put away dishes... I was reminded that my needs are His! No, not that He needs, but what matters to me.... matters to HIM!!!

He needed to "go by" that dorm room in 1969. Why? Because this teenage girl was, oh, so needy!!!  And, yes, He told her "all that she  had ever done!"  A revelation for sure! She needed living water!  Water that would satisfy for all the years of her life!  Water that would well up as eternal life!

And yet now, He continues to "pass by," ever knowing my needs and having all the resources I need!!

So blessed today again by His living Word!!!  There's a song that keeps singing in my soul....

Since Jesus Passed By

Like the blind man, I wondered so lost and undone
A beggar so helpless, without God or His Son
Then my Savior, in mercy, heard and answered my cry
And oh, what a difference since Jesus passed by

Since Jesus passed by, since Jesus passed by
Oh, what a difference since Jesus passed by
Well, I can’t explain it and I cannot tell you why
But oh what a difference since Jesus passed by

All my yesterdays are buried in the deepest of the sea
That old load of guilt I carried
It’s all gone, praise God I’m free
Looking for that bright tomorrow where no tear will dim
The eye
And oh, what a difference since Jesus passed by

Since Jesus passed by, since Jesus passed by
Oh, what a difference since Jesus passed by
Will I can’t explain it and I cannot till you why
But oh, what a difference
Oh yes, my soul is singing
Oh, what a difference since Jesus passed by

Wednesday, December 3, 2014