Dear Friends and Family,

A blessed Good Morning to each of you.  God is good today, every day.  Trust you are all well.  It's a cloudy day here, but should be a mild one.

After ten long days, Dad D. is out of Intensive Care, and we are praising God.

Daybreak arrived at 7:26 am. I was sitting in my "watch and pray" chair by the window.  I love to watch my birds and pray in those early moments.  Sometimes my Mockingbird is only a shadow at my nearby feeder, so close to my window.  Soon the Titmice, Chickadees, Woodpeckers, Cardinals, and Mourning Coves arrive.

As I sat and observed the beautiful Redheaded Woodpecker at my feeder this morning, my thoughts began to churn.  The Redheaded Woodpeckers, Chickadees, and Cardinals are beautiful to the eye, brilliantly arrayed.  The Mourning Doves are so graceful.  The Mockingbird is rather drab in color. But my book assures me that come Spring, my Mockingbird will be the first to announce it with it's glorious song.

As I began to contemplate the "value" of my variety of birds, it occurred to me that if it had been an ugly Crackle or Cowbird at my feeder this morning, I would have wanted to "hurl something at it!"  If Little Buddy had been here, he would have asked, "Nanny, you want me to get my BB gun?"

Isn't that just like human nature?  We put so much value on outward beauty(my Cardinals), talent(my Mockingbird), performance(my graceful Mourning Dove),  Why wouldn't I welcome ALL birds at my feeder?

Suddenly, my heart was overwhelmed! I'm so glad that my Father looks beyond all these things that we consider so important to measure ones worth!  I'm sure I'm one of those "Cowbirds," no beauty, no talent, no performance....

I'm so glad that He doesn't have a "select few," but that He welcomes all!  My heart was so warmed with God's love for me.  As I begun to weep, I had to bow my hear in humble praise to Him who today "feeds" me, loves me, and nurtures me.  Today, I thank Him for His loving kindnesses and tender mercies that are new every morning!

"Come and dine,"the Master calleth.
"Come and dine!"
You may feast at Jesus table all the time!
He, who fed the multitude, turned the water into wine,
To the hungry calleth now, "Come and Dine!!"

Are you hungry?  He is waiting for you!  Come to Him and find your soul's deepest longings satisfied!