Monday, February 25, 2013

Catch Up Photos

 Hello, to all my friends who aren't on Facebook. Did you miss me? ha ha

Jon and I really enjoyed Hobe Sound Campmeeting this year. I first attended Hobe Sound camp my senior year of 1968. Jon and I lived there for 15 years and have attended many many of these camps. But I don't think we ever heard any better or were more blessed than we were by the wonderful preaching and teaching this year. We were so blessed by His Presence here in our little mobile home.

On February 19th Jon and I celebrated our 42 anniversary with our three Critters!

 Papa and Little Buddy........
 Nanny and JB.......
 Erica and Papa........

Yesterday we had Sunday lunch with our wonder friends, The David Millers. We so enjoyed the time of fellowship with them.  This is Julia and Sylvia.
 Jon's wall in our bedroom.....
 These are some pictures Jon Abram sent me from his phone.  Jon Abram in his office.

They moved into a house about half of the size previous one.  But as you can see by this picture, home is wherever the heart is. I love this picture......
Our sweet Jessica Mae.......  I miss our little Sunshine!!

I adore this picture!  It so captures the personalities of these two, not to mention Miss Maggie.

Well, folks that's a little taste of our past few days.  God continues to bless Jon and Me.  He is so very good to us!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Got up early this morning and listened to last night's campmeeting service. Just finished this mornings live services that started with 9:30 Bible study and then morning service. I've been in church and campmeeting most of my life, and I've never heard any better preaching or been more blessed than in these services. Oh how I praise my wonderful Lord for the amazing blessing of the internet......used for His Glory!!!

What a blessed way to spend Valentine's Day, in the presence of my two dearest loves!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Added Joys

I'd mentioned that my tulips, crocuses, hyacinths were up and blue berry bush has budded.

This morning as I went down the ramp for church, I heard a beautiful glorious sound!  A gorgeous fiery red cardinal was in the tree above me singing his song of spring.  It's the first cardinal song I've heard since last fall.

What a special blessing to an already beautiful Sabbath. Early this morning, I lay in bed in my "oven,"(between my heated mattress cover and electric blanket) and was lifted to the "highest heavens" as I listened to the music on BBN, my Christian radio station. What a beautiful way to start a day.

Amy's family will be here soon to spend a little time with us.  I'm feeling extremely blessed today!

The Eternal Rock!

"Though your trust is imperfect and unsteady, I(Jesus) am THE ROCK ETERNAL-absolutely steady and unchanging. You can rely on Me! When your walk through this world feels wobbly, remember that I am your Rock. I always provide a stable place for you to stand. I can easily bear all your weight, including the weight of your problems. So come to Me when you are feeling heavy laden with worries. I invite you to lean on Me-trusting Me with all your heart and mind."
 from JESUS TODAY, by Sarah Young

This was in our church bulletin this morning. This week I've been looking up my previously marked verses on The Rock. What precious promises. When all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spring Fever?

What an absolutely gorgeous day!  Can't believe it, but my hyacinths and tulips are up about six inches. The hyacinths already have their bud pods quite developed.  Hardy flowers have pushed themselves up, around, and through the mum plants. Crocuses are up about three inches. The blueberry bush has budded. Praying cold weather won't destroy them.  My birds are in full splendor, as usual. Had a large ruby throated woodpecker this morning, first time I've seen him since fall. I grilled us some hotdogs on our deck. I'm thinking I just might have spring fever waayyyyyyyyy too early. I miss sitting on my deck so much.
When I saw my flowers, I couldn't help but think of the phrase, "Hope springs eternal!"  Winter has a beauty all it's own, but...................... Bring on Spring!!

Monday, February 4, 2013


 Sister Avon and her husband Joe....
Enjoying my new camera....

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why Am I Crying Today?

 No, not really, only inside. The blog seems like such a warmer place to be honest.

I suppose, it's because I know that such few people actually look at blogs anymore.  I've had a not to pleasant opinion of folks that "hang out their wash" on Facebook. And now that I have a Facebook page, I find myself trying  to analyze every word I write.
Yes, I'm so happy that Jon Abram has a good glove fit job that he loves. Yes, I'm so happy he's doing what he loves best.

Yes, I'll forever be grateful for God's protective hand on their move.

Yes, I'm especially grateful for the miracle that their home here sold within a week of their big is THAT?

Yes, I'm grateful for modern technology that makes keeping in touch so much easier and friendlier.

And the list goes on and many many things I'm grateful for!  So why am  I crying inside today?

Guess it's because I'm a mother and grandmother...can't think of any other reason.  Maybe it's because I've been looking at their photos in my storage files.

Pictures of my critters growing up together so close by for the last five years.  The gravel they loved loved loved to play in, raking leaves, making doughnuts, riding many pictures that have recorded zillions of happy moments.  Wonderful moments that I hold closely in the memory bank of my heart.

So wipe your tears, ole woman.  And smile smile smile.....cherish them every one.