Wednesday, May 6, 2015

All That Ever Mattered........

It was a beautiful morning... this day... the week of Mother's Day..
After Cameron's last mow, I instructed him not to mow along the garage anymore. I knew it was time.

So on this gloriously beautiful morning, I took my walker and trowel. I sat along the side of the garage on my walker and began my search. Leaning over, I began to pull up the ugly weeds...being ever so careful.

Soon, I found the treasure I was looking for... Mama's beloved 4 O'clocks!! Painstakingly, I worked...tenderly clearing around each small plant...about one to two inches high. After about 30 minutes, I was hot and tired, but was quite satisfied.

I sat and stared at the little plants that had lain dormant all winter. Hidden away in the cold earth and then covered by springtime weeds... I had never doubted that I'd find them. There planted between them were the two small tomato plants that Cam had planted last evening. His project is to raise Nanny some luscious homegrown tomatoes for the summer.

I thought of the passing of time. Mama, now living only in my heart. and in His Presence...until that day......when we will meet again...just as assuredly as her flowers returned....

I miss Mama...but Mama left me with all that will ever matter. Never having much of material wealth, Mama planted in my heart all that is eternal...that will never die!

Three generations later, Cam now planting a new plant with new hope of new fruit.... watering, weeding, caring...

Looking back this morning, living in the present, and anticipating tomorrow!! Knowing...........simply heart is full!!

(Cam's tomato plant in the square, Mama's 4 O'clocks in the circles)

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