Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mama and the Chickweed.....

Mama and the Chickweed.......               5 22 14

It was such a beautiful morning. I took Mama's wooden cane......the one she used to walk around the yard. She loved the early hours with the dew. I can still see her and hear her. She loved to sing, "I come to the garden alone...." Her sweet voice warbling...

This morning I was on a mission. Mama's 4 O'clocks start coming up when the weather gets hot.
I had cautioned Buddy not to weed eat or to use weed killer along that side of the shed. "There's something special there, " I told him.

Today I bent over and tugged at the tenacious chickweed. As I dragged it aside, sure enough there they were! A little bit of Mama! How she loved them. 4 o'clocks only bloom in the cool morning and evening hours.

I knew Bud would have to finish the weeding, but now I knew they were hidden there.

As I stared at the little plants and the ugly chickweed, I was reminded of the scripture of the sower. How the seed fell on various types of soil in different conditions. The weed eater, the weed killer, the chickweed would have each destroyed the plants in different ways.

I thought of the tenderness that I felt as I lifted the leaves to the sun... the excitement I felt.
I thought of how much love Christ feels for me and of all He does to protect and nurture me!

I walked away thinking of Mama....
I walked away thinking of My Savior.......
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