Monday, June 16, 2014


I have a special friend who is an "encourager."

A few days she emailed me this picture of her gardenia......  I had to chuckle at a memory it evoked!

Many years ago, when we lived in Florida near Mom and Dad Delamarter......we were celebrating Mother's Day.  Dad had a green thumb and his yard was filled with beautiful flowers. Dad was also a lover of beauty. That Mother's Day he decided to make corsages for all the gals.  They were gorgeous.

We all made our way to church and sat on the same row, of course(it was Mother's Day)!  We suddenly realized that we had the attention of all on the surrounding pews.........  Yes!!! Our corsages were made with gardenias!!!  Beautiful and quite fragrant!

We were soooooooo embarrassed!  But we have had many good laughs over that down through the years!!
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