Thursday, July 14, 2016

White Pride?

I'll probably muddle my way through this, and am taking a risk of being misunderstood....but here goes anyway..
All over the news this morning is an eighth grade student who wrote and performed a poem, called "White Privilege."
It is being heralded as an awesome pot stirrer. I do admire what I must take at face value as an attempt to correct racial inequality.
But I find it disturbing... I do not feel the need to apologize that I'm white, that I'm a woman, and for where I am on the economic scale.
Can you imagine a black apologizing for being black? Why should he? Neither can I take pride in being white. I had no choice in that matter. God created me who I any other race. No better, no worse. Likewise, I'm fulfilled in being a woman, again God's choice. No better than men, no lesser than men.
I have many black friends and family members. I love them all. That's just exactly who they friends and family. I am always unaware of their race. It doesn't stare me in the face as an issue needing to be addressed.
I have a college degree that I worked very hard for. Started at $1.05 an hour working out in the blazing hot Florida sun at a flower farm. My siblings do not have college degrees. That was their choice. They are all productive happy siblings. I'm no better, no less. Such is America...freedom to choose. My siblings love me. They don't consider me better than them....because I'm not.
My grandchildren go to a private school. Am I happy about that? Sure am. Am I proud....does that make them better? I'm proud that their fathers work very hard to make it possible, just as all fathers can.
Are Jon and I rich? That's funny.... but we have worked hard, done our best to care for our family, love God and this wonderful country.
By many folks standards we are poverty level. We haven't let that determine our destiny or our happiness. Neither do we consider it a stool to perch on and say, "You owe me."
No matter what race, if I pride in my color....I need God's forgiveness and awareness that we are ALL created in His image.
So never apologize for being whom God has beautifully created you to be. Apologize for the things that are YOUR fault..such as prejudice and pride.
This is America land that I love.
This is the land of endless opportunity.

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