Saturday, January 25, 2014

He Is!!

He Is!             jan 25 14

He is:
The Great I am
My Shield. My Buckler. My Sword. My Fortress. My Rock. My Hiding Place. My High Tower. My Comforter. My Sustainer. My Savior. My Salvation. My God. He IS MY EVERY THING!

Early morning. Critters are asleep from end of the house to the other. I get Jon's breakfast in the soft light of the stove.

We sit together in the semi darkness at the kitchen table in order not to awaken the Critters.

Jon is listening to I John on his IPad. I just needed to read from my worn old book in the faint light of my coffee nook.

This finally "eroded" as the Spirit of the Word overflowed us like a healing stream and yet like a mighty ocean. Jon kept getting so blessed that he kept pausing his audio and shared his blessing with me. I'd go back to my reading where so many of the above demonstrations of the character of my God keep rolling over me.

What an amazing glorious journey my Sweetheart and I have as we walk with The King!!!!!
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