Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jon's Surgery

Jon's surgery scheduled for Jan. 28th at Chapel Hill University Hospital.

Amy just went back with her Dad. The Doctor was kind, honest, and thorough. He said he couldn't promise that this would improve Jon's quality of life and there would almost certainly be neurological deficients afterwards. This surgery is to save his life.  Surgery will take from four to six hours. 
This is the most complex surgery of the spine that they do.
He probably won't feel his feet for awhile and may have to learn to walk again. The scenarios, of course, range from fair to bad.
He spent two hours with us and said they almost never schedule a surgery date the first time they see a patient. He was able to pull the team of doctors together to schedule it that quickly.
I think I'm actually in shock that things are moving so quickly after our long search
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