Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Rock

Good Morning, My dear family and friends, on this beautiful blessed Sabbath!

Sitting in my recliner with the sunshine warming my face, as my sweet Hubby sleeps in his recliner and Erica is in the kitchen making us some breakfast.

The steroids continue to give Jon some much needed relief. I had difficulty sleeping last night for lying wake praising God. 

It is amazing how suddenly life's perspective can change; how quickly our priorities are rearranged....... For the last four weeks I feel as though I have been "living in a bubble." I see other's entries on Facebook and yet it has looked all surreal, as though I'm so very far away......

For me this HAS been my world, here in this little home, loving, caring, weeping, rejoicing...........shadowed "under His wing."

The courage and strength of My Man has amazed me over and over. In the midst of all his suffering his faith has been his rock. Our Rock has amazed me as never before! I think I can truly say that this has been the lowest darkest valley of my entire life. Jesus has always proven to be The Lilly of the valley, but I suppose one always wonder WILL God be there when the night gets even darker? My faith has grown so much deeper through this in the sense that my confidence in God's sustaining grace for tomorrow's unknown feels as though I'm standing on tiptoes, excited what God can and will do in those days.

I'm singing His praises today!! We have sung His praises in the dark! We sing His praises in the day!!
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