Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Surgery Journal........II

Surgery journal 2 2 14


I fell into bed around four yesterday and passed out. Erica said I snored for hours, something I rarely do. Awoke around seven, watched the clock wondering if it was too early to call Jon. Surprise! The phone rang and it was his dear voice!! He couldn't wait either!

Jon had a good night and was in good spirits. He continues to improve on his ability to turn himself in the bed. Doctor was in this morning and encouraged Jon that rehab would be equipped to start him on the road to a good recovery.

Margaret, Jiff, Lyndy Lou, Jessica Mae, Erica, and I made it to church!! Oh, how wonderful to enter into His house!!! I felt so awed, just being in His sanctuary!! We have been so loved and blessed by our dear people at Faith Chapel. The greatest of news!! Faith's new website will be up today, where we can go and listen to the services!!!

Pastor Davis finished up his series on "Priorities!" I didn't have a "fast food meal." I didn't have an "institutional/hospital meal! " I felt as though I had eaten at "Outback!!" I received enough nutrition to feast on all week!!!

Came home and Margaret fixed such a beautiful lunch. Now she is watching Jon Abram's flight(he just landed in Minneapolis) and counting down the minutes unto his arrival at seven in Charlotte!!

Amy is on her way out toward Ashville with Joey's family for Lisa's burial. Poor Girl has a serious migraine. Avon and Joe are enroute to Virginia for Uncle Gilford's funeral.

I've been enjoying just washing a few dishes, a few clothes, sitting in my recliner, holding Susie, and listening to wonderful sibling banter!!

Counting the minutes until I see Jon tomorrow!

Blessed beautiful Sabbath!!! God is so good!!
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