Friday, February 7, 2014

Update from Jon Abram on his Dad

Dear Ones,

Brothers and Sisters, rejoice with me! 

Dad continues to improve at an astounding rate. The doctor told me today that he plans to discharge Dad in a week. He is very pleased with Dad's progress; said that Dad is a "real overachiever". Dad is walking well, though tentatively and with great concentration, using a wheeled walker. The therapists have him walking up and down a few steps each day plus doing lots of exercises. Today, for the first time, he was able to use some of the tools and techniques that the Occupational Therapist has taught him to actually bathe and dress himself, completely without assistance. Dad has worked incredibly hard, pushing through pain and fatigue. All of this is amazing, especially considering that Dad hadn't been able to walk at all a few days ago.

The greater miracle is the revival that God has ignited in Dad's heart! He is so cognitive of the blessing of life that has been given to him. He has had a truly life-altering experience, and is telling anyone who will listen. He has expressed the strong desire to live his remaining days to the glory of God in a much more intentional way, setting aside unnecessary distractions. It has been my distinct privilege to stay at the hospital with my Dad, pretty much around the clock since I've been here. Dad and I have had so many wonderful conversations and have enjoyed sweeter fellowship than we've ever known. What a blessing these days have been.

Underlying and enabling all of these blessings is the hand of God, moved by the fervent effective prayers of His saints. It is my prayer that all of you will be encouraged and blessed by our good news.
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