Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Surgery Journal...not sure if this is in order

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A lot of variables here. If the electrical signals start to show serious damage, they will stop. A biopsy will be done immediately and if malignant, they will stop. If the tumor isn't self contained and has intertwined with nerves, who knows?
God knows!!!

Just met with surgeon. They are still in surgery closing the wound. It was an ependymoma,self contained, rather large. They removed it in two pieces. Preliminary report is it is benign. So far, this is the very best scenario. There was a temporary concern in nerve signals and they paused the surgery briefly. All indications at this time is that all looks good.
He is not out of the woods yet and is in ICU.
Will be a couple of hours before we see him.
Won't let me stay in with him over night. Winter storm moving in. Margaret is trying to get me and her into the Hospital House.

The most beautiful words, first words Hubs spoke to me, "Honey!! I can move my toes!!!"

Longest day of my life!!!

Beyond exhaustion....
Margaret and I are at motel near the hospital. Finally lying down!!

Jon kept saying,"Honey, thank everyone!!! "

So very very tired. Thanking of my sweet family making the two hour drive home in a wintry mix.

Margaret taking such tender care of me.

Cried when I had to leave my Sweetheart...

"Rest well, my Love, may sweet Jesus be near you!"

Margaret and I arrived here this morning around nine after. Wild ride on the motel shuttle driven by a drunk driver on "treacherous roads!" That's a story Margaret and I will be telling the rest of our lives!!
Jon is in a lot of pain. It didn't help that they took him down at 4:00 a.m. For a post MRI and rolled him off and on on a backboard.
He spiked a fever during the night. He has to lie flat of his back until 4:00p.m.

Jon has complained of more pain in his left leg. I noticed his left toes were significantly colder than his right ones. Doctor agreed and they are fixing to do a Doppler on his left leg.
Sats dropped to 85 per cent, so he is back on oxygen.
If all goes well, he will be moved to a regular room tonight.

Fever broken. Last dose of morphine helped. Jon resting. He keeps asking me what time is it... He can't wait to get off his back,hopefully around five.

Margaret left at 4:30. For the first time I am here alone with Jon.
His left foot is finally warm!!! PTL
At five they attempted to sit him up. It was pretty rough. Finally settled on just an 18 degree angle. I guess this will be a gradual process for him to bear it.
Just gave him more Valium. They are gradually "un wiring" him.
Not sure if he will be in ICU again tonight or not. They aren't saying.
I can't use my phone in here.
Thanks for prayers

Long long long pain filled night. No sleep. The finally put him on clear liquid diet last evening. We have to call and order it ourselves. It took me ten hours of voice recordings telling me the y were busy ,had stepped away from desk,etc before he got some nutrition at five this morning. He hadn't had anything since Monday. He was s o happy for some bullion.
The night shift crew has been great.
Changing the guard now. Physical therapists supposed TP get him up today.
My beautiful soft hymns on my IPad helped us so much through the long night!! Kept pulling us back to The Source of our strength.

Hooray!!! Jon on regular diet. Just ordered him lots of protein. Eggs and cheese, bacon, milk...will keep his blood sugar down and hopefully give him some strength before physical therapy. He is so weak, I've been having to lift his legs to position them, massage his aching legs and feet. So very hard for him to get comfortable.

A wonderful new friend from Jon Abram's church, Peggy, has been so incredibly kind in so many ways.
Yesterday, she came to take Margaret home with her for a good nights rest.
She brought me a comfort tote. A comfy throw, all kinds of nutritious snacks, and drinks. How wonderfully big, this Family of God.

Physical therapy worked with Jon with high hopes of him walking. But as I suspected he was too weak. All they managed was to get him to stand briefly before his legs gave way. Not a great deal of progress.
He's exhausted.
Margaret is here. Please pray for Amy as she makes the drive here alone.


Good news first: post MRI was great. All of tumor removed

Not so good news: neurosurgeon was just in. Jon does have feeling. But this extreme weakness is from the nerve signals now misfiring. He says Jon has a long hard road ahead of him. Now it is all hard work. Will have to go to rehab to relearn.

Serious prayer request!
Case manager was just in. High Point Regional and Moses Cone both have the extensive rehab the doctor feels Jon needs. Now it is a matter of who will or even if they will accept him. I can drive to High Point everyday, but am unable to drive alone to Moses Cone. If neither accept him, he might be able to stay here, which is so far from home. The only other option is a nursing home where he cannot get the extensive therapy.
Thanks you for your prayers!!

Good Morning, Friends and Family,
Margaret scarfed me away last night for a lovely supper and a good nights rest at my new friend Peggy's home, only a 30 minute drive from here. So nice to meet her kind husband,Sam.
Found Jon in good spirits. Right now he is witnessing to the Chaplin.
Good news! Case manager just came in, High Point Regional has accepted him,insurance approval pending.
Planning to transport him Monday morning!!! Praise The Lord!!
He seems stronger today and moving more. He keeps saying, "I want to stand. I want to walk!!"
I keep saying, "you will!!!"
I read in The Word this morning that He made a way in the wilderness, His mercy endureth forever! This has seemed like a wilderness at times, but Jesus has/is/will lead us all the way!!!

Jon has had a good day. Seems to be gaining strength.
Margaret and I came back this morning and are spending the night.

Funnie for the Day:

Fox News and Jon on steroids...that's what you call "hepped up" politics!!

The morning started early per hospital routine.
Six a.m. Lights abruptly on doctor calling my name. I couldn't crawl out of my dazed sleep.
Margaret goes and gets me and Jon coffee. I manage to get a shower while Jon is going through the "change of the guard."
Margaret helps Jon make his breakfast choices and ordered.
By the time I'm dressed for the day, Margaret already has Jon fed.
I finally awoke. What would we do without Margret?
We are expecting Pastor and Sis. Oliver around noon. Plan on going home and "regrouping" for Jon's move to High Point on Monday.
Jon Abram flying into Charlotte Sunday evening.
Jon continues to grow stronger. He has huge load of determination.
At HP he will receive three hours a day of intensive therapy. They only have sixteen "suites" where patients with spinal cord injuries are retaught life skills.
Still trusting insurance approves this.
Thanks for all your love and prayers.

Home...........well, sorta. I'm here, in this mobile home, these are my things, my "stuff." They look familiar, and yet it is as though i'm viewing them all as one in a dream...
Home is where the heart is..... and my heart is in a little hospital room many many miles away.
Rest, sweet healing rest.........I need you so desperately.... I need you to renew me so I can return to my love, pick up my post, and march on forward, ever forward into tomorrow's uncertain days......
Days that will unfold as I hold to "God's unchanging hand!" The future is as bright as all the Promises of God!!
For now.........I lay myself down and rest in the shelter of His arms....

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