Friday, February 21, 2014

The Hospital Tour.....

I guess I need to bring my blogger friends up to date. Jon has now been in three different hospitals in the last four weeks.
He was home from rehab about a week when he got very sick. This past Monday he was admitted to the local hospital with what proved to be sepsis. Because of several choices and getting him to the hospital quickly, God has now for the second time spared Jon's life. We give God all the glory!!
Jon came home yesterday, not entirely well, but much better.
Would you please pray specifically for:
1. That Jon's blood pressure would stabilize
2. That Jon's oxygen levels would come up. He is now on oxygen 24/7
3. That the sepsis rash would be halted.
4.  That his temp would stay down. It broke at four this morning, and so far has stayed down.

This picture was taken a couple of days ago and it is much much worse now, almost solid red.
Thanks so much for all your prayers!!

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