Saturday, March 29, 2014

For God So Loved the World!!

I read aloud the beautiful third chapter of St. John. When I got to the probably most quoted verse of the entire Bible, I was just "slammed" all over again at our awesome God, and perfect Savior!!

For God SO LOVED the world. My mind instantly went to my Google Earth app. Where with just the touch of a finger I can zero into any location. I can see where my children live, where you live, etc.
With the touch of a finger I can back off into space and get a satellite picture of our world....God's World. The World teeming with the masses. The hurt, the suffering, the lost ones, His children..............

But God loved!!!! How much?That He gave!!! Sometimes it cost to give!! Sometimes it cost greatly!! I only have one Son. I think he's pretty awesome, but he's not divine. I cannot imagine giving him for another! But God GAVE!!! His ONLY Son!!! Everything!!

Why? That I might not PERISH!!!! I was overwhelmed as I again looked at the World from space. God sees not only the present population, but His Omniscience beholds all people....those who HAVE/ARE/Will live!

When Christ was on the cross...........I was on His mind!!!

That's WHY God Gave!! That's WHY Christ died!!!

For God so loved the World that He gave His ONLY begotten Son, that W

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