Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Wonderful Beauty of "Normal!"

    Everything in life is relative....... So much we often consider as hum drum or perhaps even boring or burdensome.

Jon's visit to the surgeon on Thursday was really so much more than one might imagine. The green light to return to "normal" was like a release from a cage! What a shot of optimism it was!

For weeks now Jon has been restricted to "no bending, no twisting, no lifting, no no no no no no!!!" One never really thinks how very often bending is necessary. So Jon has felt like a "statue/robot" in many ways. It's also been very difficult on his ego. The day I struggled in and out of the home health store with oxygen tanks, as he sat in the car and watched, was almost unbearable for him!

Yesterday, Amy took me to deal with some of our medical bills. While I was out I got a call from Hubs, "Honey!!! I started the laundry!" There was such a lilt of excitement in his voice. Now, don't take me wrong, in the past laundry would have been a chore that Hubs would have willingly helped me with. But I don't think most of us would consider doing laundry a tremendous blessing.

This morning, Jon brought me my second cup of coffee....... I was just overwhelmed by such a little thing. I split my face grinning!!!!! Hey, THIS IS NORMAL!!!!!!!!!

As I listen to him puttering around in the kitchen getting some breakfast, I'm blessed beyond myself at NORMAL!! He's finding so much delight in the NORMAL!!!

I'm having a little trouble holding him back............the doctor said gradually, remember? Now he's trying to figure out a way that he(with his oxygen tank attached) might eventually ride his mower!

So today, if you face a boring NORMAL task, just think about life without all the NORMAL joys that make it up! Think about the blessing of being able to stoop, twist, reach, walk...........

So much I've taken for granted! I hope I'll never be the same! Thank you, God, today for NORMAL!

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