Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Amazing Journey

Today I looked back. Today Jon reached a milestone. Jon has now been home for two weeks!!!!  Yes, he is still recuperating and it has seemed painfully slow at times.  But today God had to remind me of just how very far we have come. Today I wept as I remembered.......

Today I finally decided to sort through the tubs and tubs of collected items from previous hospital stays.  After that Jon and I sat at the kitchen table and sorted and marked so many caddies of meds.  That was a job.

But as we identified each med by the date and prescribing doctor, we relived our long journey....  Doctors, ER's, change after change of meds....all in the painful search for The Answer.  I relived those moments in time that now seem to hang by the minuscule thread called memory.  But as Jon and I "waded" through them, the past unfolded in what now one can see as God's well planned and directed pathway for us.  No, I would have never never asked God for it, but now it retro-sight, it almost seems like "hallowed ground."  I do not say that presumptuously. But God's amazing grace was there in a way far beyond "what we could have ever dreamt or asked!"

So, today, as we disposed of meds........I was doing "cartwheels in my soul!"

Behold!!!  What great things God hath done!!!

PS: Jon said: "Amen!!"
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