Friday, March 11, 2016


 As many of you know, I love dogs and have almost always had one. But with my health, it has been increasingly difficult to even care for one. With my fibromyalgia, I could barely stand much weight on my lap.
On Jan. 4th, I got a little 4 week old, 12 ounce little Chihuahua. We named her Casey and it didn't take long for her to erase all the bad things Jon had heard of and feared about getting me a Chihuahua. Needless to say she has bonded with me and loves Jon as well. I haven't posted any pictures on Facebook because I truly felt there would be folks who just wouldn't understand.
But I'm going to share a few here...for all you dog lovers who do understand.
Casey is now 13 weeks old and weighs 3 pounds.
Casey loved to ride in my pocket like a little Joey. She didn't mind any bouncing and when she got tired she curled up in the bottom of my pocket and went to sleep.

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