Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Keen Edge

Amy and Joey gave us an awesome knife set/block for Christmas. Amy has fussed at me for years about how dull my knives are. I've assured her they are sharp and quite adequate.
The morning after Christmas I picked out a new one to slice some ham. I was not prepared.... It's a wonder I didn't lose a finger... Oh, yeah.... MAYBE my knives are sharp!!! Without any more persuasion from my daughter, I reached into the second drawer, pulled out every old knife I ha...d, and into the trash it went. It took a sharp knife to convince me that mine were dull....
This morning....Jon and I listened to Matthew 24, 25...and so on.
As I heart was so stirred..
Jesus first came as a poor helpless baby in a manger. He walked the earth as a lowly peasant. But next time..
When Christ returns, He will come in power and great glory!!!!
In that day men will be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.... I don't think this means partying and nightclubbing... but life going on as usual... You know, just like today.. The hum drum of the normal... morning coffee, off to work, whatever is the norm..
We often plan our lives... that vacation coming up, that visit from family, that anticipated event... Sometimes it's fulfilled, sometimes life changes things.
But God's timeline, His schedule unfolds perfectly according to His plan and purpose. Just as after 400 years of silence, in the fullness of time, Mary brought forth her son...
In the fullness of time, when God says time shall be no more...perhaps not at that emotional moment when I'm listening to a song about Christ's return, perhaps not at the moment when I'm in church feeling His Presence in an unusual way...
Perhaps it will be when I'm feeling the weakest, going about life as usual... Perhaps it will be when I'm watching two busy grandson's, fixing a meal for Hubs, visiting with an aid.... at that inopportune moment..
When I heard those words this morning, I felt so much more than emotion. I felt a strong bedrock faith, a deep unshakable faith that indeed HE is coming!!!
Lord, don't let my life become dull...and I don't even recognize it!! Lord, keep my life on the keen edge...useful, serviceable, busy for you...
As I sat by my window looking out, fog has everything shrouded in a deep mist. But I KNOW it could be today...
This could be the dawning of That Day!!!!
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