Wednesday, March 2, 2016


For those of you not on Facebook, here are a few pictures to update you..

Cameron and JB have both had huge growth spurts this year!
This photo of my #3, Lyndy Lou, and #2, Jiff...was taken just a couple of days ago. Jon Abram's family is still living in Washington State. I haven't seen these two sweet girls in two years....way too long.

 Melinda loves hats just like her great-grandmother Sowers.
 A typical Saturday morning at Nanny and Papa's house.
 I love this picture of Jon Abram's family taken last fall.
 Our dear son, Jon Abram
 Just before Christmas last year, Melody flew in to visit us. We were so happy.

Saying a sad good-bye! Since then, Melody has taken a Nanny job with a church family and is now in Canada...
Hope you enjoy these.
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