Monday, March 14, 2016

This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land

This World My Grandchildren have to grow up in...

The news is frightening. i care. i vote. But I didn't realize how much in my thinking that it was just "out there" somewhere.

Reality hit me hard in the face Saturday...
Erica is flying to her folks in Mass. over spring break. For the first time she is leaving from Charlotte. Charlotte just recently passed a law that legalized all bathrooms to be "gender free," that is, no longer do you have a choice of men or women's restroom.

My dear granddaughter brought this up and her fears of what she might face. Granted, this is her departure destination, So her mother will be with her there. But what if that were the law at the other four airports she will use before she arrives home?

A young 16 year old young woman....facing who knows what in a restroom. Now this is so much more that a news clip on my pc. This is reality!! This is now!! This is MY GRANDDAUGHTER!!

My heart is sick.... This is my land, this is your land....
Return America!!
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